We welcome our Sales Representatives to the New Mariposa Website!

Our primary goal is to help you provide your Accounts with all the marketing materials they need to support growing their Mariposa business. Since Retailers are now focused on building or enhancing their own websites and promoting themselves on social media, we wanted to provide easy access to our tool kit as soon as possible.

We’ll continue to notify you as we enhance your ability to shop, access customer history and track orders. In the interim, please continue with your Spotify Ap.
For now, Happy selling!

Use Our Promotional Assets to Grow Your Online Business


Image Gallery

Strong images are essential for engaging marketing. Mariposa’s Spring/Summer shots are perfect for your Retailers to use to enhance their websites, social media pages and email campaigns. For images from past seasons, please contact​. If you find one that you love on the site, you can also simply right click to copy or save.


Promote Customization with an easy Photo Upload

Unique attributes will set your Retailers apart. Let them know how easy it is for their customers to choose a frame and send their favorite photo to the Retailer. From there, they just login to their account, upload and send it onto us. They can grow the program even more, as we can drop ship to directly to their customer. Strong sales are just a few clicks away!

Engraving Resources



Engraving is the icing on the cake for all things Mariposa. Educate your Accounts on how they can help their customers create special gifts with monograms, dates, or the message of their choice. They can order their items online by going to CREATE YOUR OWN​, complete our online ENGRAVING FORM​ or email using one of our ORDER FORMS​.

Click here to access your engraving tools!


Customization Program

Encourage your Retailers to create a message that is specific to their clientele and order 6+ for a volume discount. Click here for details and an order form to help your Retailer place and order!


Be sure to tour Quick Links where you’ll find sales tools such as New Account
Forms, Key Dealer Benefits and UPC Codes, to name a few.

Coming soon? Your PDF Creator!