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Fall Holiday 2023

Mariposa is proud - and thrilled - to embark on our 40th anniversary year! With a rich history of collaborating with artisans from around the world, we have a well-stamped passport to the future.

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Fall & Holiday 2023

Tortoise accents

Our love of craft and years of experience allow us to play. Chic style + luxury? Mariposa.


Introducing fine line

A handpainted white rim borders thing, but durable glass in clear, or with a whisper of light blue, green or quartz tones.

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marbled alabaster

At once contemporary and classic, our new Marbled Alabaster flaunts a smart marbled look that can only be achieved by crafting with experience and aplomb.

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engraving experience

It's easy, fun and brand new - just for you! Create a one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion and let the love of craft shine.


frames for all

Clean lines. Delicate beads. Easy gifting!

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