Global Craftsmanship


Being the industry pioneer certainly has its satisfactions. Over the years, Mariposa's advocacy for the art of craft, collaboration with notable designers and constant innovation have established our reputation for unique sophisticated serveware and accents for the home.

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Our partners in Mexico and their team of craftsman and engineers produce high-quality designs that spring forth from the commitment to, and love for their craft.

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Designed to suit any taste, our sophisticated Bellini glassware sports unparalleled texture and clarity...and each one is handmade.

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The sand used in the process to achieve our metal is imported from the U.S. to our partners in Mexico. Its fine quality helps distinguish our craft.

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In a special process, clay is blended together to create a marbled look. The end result must be presented as limited editions, but they are certainly worth the wait.

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right down to the box

With pride, humility and dedication, we strive for perfection. We love what we do, and work hard every day to create our best-in-class offerings.