Innovation, Artisans & Ecological Responsibility


Since 1983.

Environmental sustainability has changed since our founding, enabling us to proudly share that our products are made of recycled materials. When we started back in 1983, that was taboo! We're proud to be an industry leader, and have been invested in eco-friendly awareness for more than three decades. We were the pioneers - who started a movement.

Mariposa Sustainably Recycled Materials

Designs for Everyday Moments

Mariposa has long believed that anything handmade must be the handmaiden not just of beauty and elegance, but of ecological responsibility. Since the beginning, we've been meticulously committed to transforming these recycled materials into luxurious gifts and tableware. We partner with master artisans, marrying innovative, original designs with age-old techniques.

Mariposa Clean Industry Certification

Clean Industry Certification


Our Partnership and Our Products Reflect Our Common Values.


Sharing Commitment

Our partners in Mexico share the same passion and commitment to the environment and our people. The factory is committed to social responsibility and international standards compliance, including: Labor Relations, Environmental Management, Hygiene, Security + Civil Protection. Together we set world class standards.


What's Next?

Beyond our full commitment to recycled materials for our products, we hope to expand to alter our packaging. In the coming years, we are looking to transition to a recyclable, biodegradable and compostable bag, fabricated from a corn base. We wish to keep moving forward in returning to the planet all it has given us.