a season of giving, sharing and family

That’s what it’s all about. So simple.

Setting a table for family and friends. Sharing gifts and memories. This year it’s even more special to reunite with those with whom you haven’t gathered for a while. Whether you’re in person or via Zoom, you should start with casual cocktails — in our favorite new glasses—and take it from there.

All of Mariposa’s 2020 introductions focus on celebrating the season... and on our extended family. This includes the craftspeople whose creativity combines with their commitment to the environment, to bring us tableware and gifts that will make this season even more memorable.


Mariposa Fall Holiday 2020 Product Catalog | Home Decor + Holiday Entertaining

Cheers to those who share our appreciation of the art of craft, and our raison d’être:
enjoy life, respect the planet and embrace your family and friends.

Our holiday mantra holds true: Merry everything and a happy always!