Browse Mariposa's seasons past and present. Our newest catalog sports a magazine-format, sharing background stories, recipes, quick tips and tricks, and of course, lots of beautiful new product!

Fall Holiday 2020


That’s what it’s all about. So simple.

Setting a table for family and friends. Sharing gifts and memories. This year it’s even more special to reunite with those with whom you haven’t gathered for a while. Whether you’re in person or via Zoom, you should start with casual cocktails — in our favorite new glasses—and take it from there.

All of Mariposa’s 2020 introductions focus on celebrating the season... and on our extended family. This includes the craftspeople whose creativity combines with their commitment to the environment, to bring us tableware and gifts that will make this season even more memorable.


Spring Summer 2020


As we enter the next decade, you’ll see that our 2020 vision reflects our passion for pairing elite designers with sophisticated craftsmen to bring you all the tools you need for a life well-lived. 

 Our expanded offerings include a broad suite of unique glassware, stunning ceramics, and chic new forms and textures in our beloved Brillante recycled metalware. Combined, they allow you to entertain with style. Your own style. 

In our new magazine format, we share background stories, favorite recipes, Home Décor highlights and a variety of tablescapes for casual entertaining. We feature gifts that you’re proud to give! And... you’ll also find a section dedicated to Mariposa’s renowned engraving. In a world where purchasing is so easy, it’s a delight to personalize and show you care. 

Mariposa is a lifestyle brand. With the pineapple as this year’s iconic image of hospitality, we welcome you into our new home, with a dedication to fashionable and timeless design–with a bit of panache!


Fall Holiday 2019

This season, Mariposa celebrates 35 years of our partnership with all who have enjoyed our commitment to the art of craft through the years.

As an appreciative tribute, we’ve invited even more artists from around the world to set stylish tables–from cozy to cosmopolitan – and add exquisite accents for the home. You’ll have all you need for spirited holiday gatherings, or just a simple dinner in front of the fire with family and friends.

Mariposa is proud to be an industry leader, creating unique gift and tableware from recycled materials for more than three decades. As we continue on our adventure, we raise a glass to all of you who have traveled with us... and extend a heartfelt welcome to the next generation that shares our commitment to the marriage of sustainability and high design!

Spring Summer 2019

The search for skilled artisans that characterized Mariposa’s early days remains in our DNA. I remember driving around Mexico in a camper with my sister, and sometimes solo, listening to my cassette tapes as the miles slipped past! As you page through this catalog, you’ll see how that fascination with travel continues—minus the camper!

Over the years, Mariposa’s offerings have expanded from the signature sand-cast metals crafted by the premier eco-chic producer in Mexico, to dozens of other natural textures and patterns articulated in ceramics, refined recycled glassware and sustainably harvested woods from Italy, France, Spain, Turkey—and even here in the USA.

Fall Holiday 2018

Paging through the 2018 Introductions, you'll see a dramatic shift in style, scale and materials.

The distinguished new category called “Luxe” features serveware in metal, glass and ceramics, all in unique textures and finishes. “Essentials” emerge with a fresh, contemporary look. All result from what began as a youthful endeavor across borders that evolved into what Mariposa is today—an international passion project and a harbor for beautiful craftsmanship.